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A lady doesn’t start fights, but she can finish them ❤️

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By @shaughnessy “PLEASE REPOST!!!
THIS HORRIBLE PERSON stole our 10 month old French Bulldog, Chloe, last night from my work! I let her pet Chloe and she picked her up and ran out the door into a black car with no license plates and drove away. This was very obviously a planned robbery. Luckily for us, we have surveillance cameras. If any of my followers in Vancouver know of this young woman or have seen our precious Chloe, PLEAAAASE contact either @kyleboosh or myself AND/OR the Vancouver Police Department at 604-717-3321. We are so heartbroken and just want her back home safely! THANK-YOU!!! #bringhomechloe #vancouver


How to self pierce:
1. Take a CPR certification and blood borne pathogens class
2. Get an apprenticeship at a reputable piercing/tattoo studio
3. Perform piercings under the supervision of an experienced piercer
4. Pierce professionally for 5+ years
5. Pierce yourself only in the sanitary conditions of a piercing studio
Its not fucking difficult. Do not pierce yourself. You have no idea what you’re doing and you will give yourself an infection.

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